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WWII Online


Getting Started


Realism is taken to a new level - This isn't another arcade-style WWII shooter! Our weapons and vehicles are modeled utilizing historical data after hundreds of hours of research.


The game's designers came to WWII Online: Battleground Europe from award-winning MMO combat flight simulation titles and have carried over a dedication to realism and simulation style game play whenever possible.


A proprietary physics engine powers an advanced, component-based damage model for vehicles that simulates the actual components found in WWII units. In addition, we accurately model armor thickness down to the millimeter and flight models for aircraft down to every surface and control for a true-to-life simulation. Even the ballistics are precisely and accurately modeled for each type of bullet or round in the game.


All of these elements provide realism, creating a skill-based simulation where players must learn to properly employ the weapons and equipment available.


The video seen below helps explain damage and ballistics modeling in the game and gives you a taste of the simulation style gaming experience in WWII Online: Battleground Europe.

Joining the WWII Online community is easy. You must first sign up for a limited free play account and download the game.  GET STARTED NOW (CLICK HERE)

All combat is alongside live players in the same game world. Every vehicle or weapon is controlled by a REAL person.

You are always in control of what weapon you want to bring to the frontline. Play in "awe" as tank turrets fly in the air, bombs whistle down and infantry frag capture points.


WWII Online: Battleground Europe- Damage Model


The below video was created with a previous version of the game's graphics engine and does not represent the current graphical presentation.


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